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12/2014 Dr. David Granville A drug to help stop wrinkles and aging? UBC scientists raising hopes. This discovery occurred when UBC professor David Granville was investigating the role of Granzyme B in atherosclerosis and heart attacks.
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11/2014 Congratulations to Dr. Wan Lam, this year’s recipients of UBC’s Killam Awards for Excellence in Mentoring. Read more...
11/2014 Dr. James Hudson, Professor Emeritus at University of British Columbia's Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine has published a new book: "Viruses in our farms: how industrial farming creates pathogenic viruses" Read more..
11/2014 Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu, an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, sought to develop a synthetic antidote that would work with all heparins used in clinics.
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11/2014 Dr. Evica Rajcan-Separovic has taken on the challenge of finding genetic causes for intellectual disabilities. Photo: Martin Dee
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10/2014 Dr. Samuel Aparicio Breast cancer researcher Dr. Samuel Aparicio has been named the winner of the fifth annual Aubrey J. Tingle Prize.
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10/2014 Dr. Andrew Weng Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Weng on receiving the 2013 Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize by Canadian Cancer Society!
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10/2014 Dr. Hanh Huynh was recently awarded the Ho Chi Minh City’s Badge which represents the highest honor award from the President of People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
09/2014 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Jesse Olson [TITLE: Regulation and Transport of Apolipoprotein A-I into the Central Nervous System and Therapeutic Potential in Alzheimer’s Disease]
09/2014 Dr. Victor Ling Dr. Victor Ling has been inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.
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09/2014 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Sophie Stukas [TITLE: Regulation and Transport of Apolipoprotein A-I into the Central Nervous System and Therapeutic Potential in Alzheimer’s Disease]
09/2014 Dr. David Granville has been inducted into the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada
09/2014 Dr. Ian Mackenzie was this year's plenary speaker at the XVIII International Congress of Neuropathology, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in September 14-18, 2014. This meeting is only held once every 4 years.
09/2014 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Ashish Marwaha [TITLE: Genetic Variants in the IL-2 Pathway Disrupt the Immune Balance between Regulatory T Cells and Th17 Cells in Human Type 1 Diabetes]
09/2014 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Ivy Hsu [TITLE: Serpina3n accelerates wound closure in a murine model of diabetic wound healing]
08/2014 Want to know more about the role your pathologist plays in your healthcare? Here’s your opportunity to ask a Canadian pathologist. MyPathologist.ca website is now up and running.
07/2014 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Momir Bosiljcic [TITLE: Myeloid-derived suppressor cell accumulation in secondary target organs promotes metastatic growth in breast cancer ]
07/2014 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Emily Vucic [TITLE: Multi-omics Characterization of the Molecular Effects of Smoking and Chronic Inflammation on the Lung ]
07/2014 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Erica Osbourne [TITLE: EPI-002 and Enzalutamide Combination Therapy as a Potential Therapeutic Benefit for Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Patients]
07/2014 Dr. Mike Allard is the recipient of the Canadian Association of Pathologists/Association Canadienne des Pathologistes (CAP/ACP) William Boyd Lectureship Award, given at the annual meeting in Toronto on July 13. 2014.
07/2014 Examining Canada’s scientific footprint “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds”. The country’s second-most cited scientist is Dr. Marco Marra; Dr. Randy Gascoyne and Dr. Ian Mackenzie are in the top 20.
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07/2014 Dr. Arun Garg recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award
06/2014 Doyle, Patrick - Recipients of the 2014 Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching
06/2014 Dr. Christian Steidl Dr. Steidl - Recipients of the 2014 UBC Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Basic Research.
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06/2014 Comprehensive Exam - Student: Rolinda Carter
06/2014 Faculty of Medicine instructor Hanh Huynh fled Vietnam 34 years ago. Now he is introducing UBC medical students to his homeland through a clinical elective.
05/2014 Hogg, James: 2014 Order of British Columbia
05/2014 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Anna Meredith
05/2014 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Seti Boroomand