Pathology Province-Wide Rounds

Pathology Province-Wide Rounds

Dr. Honglin Luo, MD, MSc

"Mastering Immune Chaos: Strategic Interventions for Viral Myocarditis via Innate Pathway Modulation"

Dr. Zu-hua Gao | Professor and Head, UBC Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Program Medical Director, Provincial Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, BC Cancer

"Strategic Plan: Transform the Future of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine"

Helene Cote, PhD, Professor and Program Director / Graduate Advisor, Graduate Studies Vice-Chair, Scientific Education,Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC

"PALM Graduate Program Curriculum Consultation"

Deepu Alex, MD, PhD | Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC | Consultant Pathologist, BCCA

"Optimal histological assessment of tumor tissue for molecular testing and biomarker evaluation"

Karsan, Aly, BA, MD (Queen's)| BC Cancer Research Centre | Professor, UBC, Distinguished Scientist

"The Role of Noncoding Genes in the Pathogenesis and Vulnerabilities of Myeloid Cancers"

Audi Setiadi, PhD| Hematopathologist at BC Children's Hospital | Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia

"Capturing the Immune System: Implementation of the Flow Cytometry Panels for Immunodeficiency at BC Children's Hospital"

Philipp Lange, PhD| Canada Research Chair in Translational Proteogenomics of Pediatric Malignancies | Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of British Columbia| Scientist in the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at the BC Children's Hospital and the BC Cancer Research Institute

"Canada's path towards proteome guided therapies and advanced molecular pathology in precision oncology"

Dr. Qihui Jim Zhai , MD, FCAP | Director of Research | Director FISH Laboratory | Professor and Consultant Pathologist | Mayo Clinic Florida | Governor, Chair Investment Committee | Vice Chair Council on Membership and Career Developmen

"Applications of Novel Molecular Tests in Head and Neck Pathology: A Case-Based Approach"

May 12 2003
Dr. Andre Mattman, Clinical Professor, UBC , Medical Biochemist, St. Paul's Hospital, Medical Lead, Medical Biochemistry

"Practicing Pathology in a CODE RED for Humanity"

Dr. Michael Nimmo, Clinical Professor, UBC, Program Director, UBC Residency Training Program in General Pathology, Pathologist, Vancouver General Hospital

"'High' Volume Autoimmune testing in BC - An Overview Part 1"

Dr. Michelle Wong and Dr. Carolyn Shiau

"Better together: the people, programs, and services of the lab in Fraser Health"

Dr. Susan Porter - Dean and Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at UBC

"Changing Paradigms of Graduate Education in the 21st Century"

Dr. Cornelia (Corree) Laule |Associate Professor in the Departments of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and Radiology | Associate Member of Physics & Astronomy | Vice Chair of Research in Radiology and Associate Director of the ICORD

"Characterizing human brain and spinal cord microstructure with quantitative MRI and histology"

Dr. Gang Wang, MD, PhD | Consultant Pathologist, BC Cancer | Director, The David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre | Clinical Associate Professor, UBC

"The David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC): What is it, where did it come from and where is it going?"

Presented by: Dr. David Goldfarb, Medical Microbiologist, BC Children's Hospital, Dr. Lien Hoang, Anatomic Pathologist, Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Veronica Hirsch-Reinshagen, Neuropathologist, Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Shazia Masud, Medical Microbiologist, Fraser Health, Dr. Danielle Meunier, Hematopathologist, Island Health, Dr. Tyler Smith, Hematopathologist, Vancouver General Hospital (moderator)

"Panel Discussion on Career Planning and Job Applications"

Citlali Marquez, PhD - Research Project Leader at BCCDC

"Using the power of serological multiplex assays to track COVID-19"

Agatha Jassem, PhD, FCCM, Program Head, Virology Lab, BCCDC PHL; President, BC Association of Clinical Scientists; Graham Sinclair, PhD, FCCMG, Biochemical Geneticist, BC Newborn Screening Lab, BCCH; Tanya Nelson, PhD, FCCMG, Division Head, Genome Diagnostics, BCCH; Tracy Tucker, PhD, FCCMG Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Geneticists Cancer Genetics and Genomics Laboratory, BC Cancer

"Clinical Scientists in Action"

Presented by: Dr. Tyler Smith, Hematopathology (Chair); Dr. David Huntsman, Molecular and Genomic Pathology; Dr. Daniel Holmes, Medical Biochemistry; Dr. Marthe Charles, Medical Microbiology; Dr. Andrew Shih, Transfusion Medicine

"Panel Discussion - Laboratory Medicine and Private Industry"

Dr. Veronica Hirsch-Reinshagen - Neuropathologist at ICORD and Assistant Professor, and Dr. Mike Nimmo - Clinical Professor, Vice Chair Clinical Education and Residency Program Director

"Scientific method and a book of spells: Bringing neurological and systemic autoantibody testing to BC"

Dr. Ying Wang, PhD, Assistant Professor, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

"Characterizing atherosclerosis at the molecular level to improve treatment outcome of anti-inflammatory therapies"

Dr. Lucy Perrone, Donald B. Rix Professor in Laboratory Quality at UBC

"The Canadian Microbiology Proficiency Testing Program (CMPT): A Clinical Service and External Quality Assessment Partner for Laboratories Performing Microbiology Testing"

  • How does CMPT implement its programs and provide continuing education to subscribing laboratories and community-based testing sites? How is CMPT peer-directed and how you might get involved. (…)

  • 20-Jan-23
    Dr. Ivan Chebib, Director of Immunohistochemistry Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

    "International System for Reporting Soft Tissue Cytopathology"

    James Piret (MSL)

    "Noninvasive Technology Development for Monitoring and Validating Cell Therapy Manufacturing"

    Dr. Daniel Holmes, Clinical Professor, Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Division Head, Clinical Chemistry, St.Paul's Hospital

    "SPH Pathology and Laboratory Medicine"

    Dr. Larry Barzelai, MD, CCFP (family physician), Assistant Professor UBC, Chair of the BC Branch of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

    "Climate Change is the Crucial Health Issue of Our Time"

    Dr. Wan Lam, Director of the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program at BC Cancer Research and Professor at UBC

    "Understanding Lung Cancer Molecular Biology in Smokers and Non-smokers"

    Jane Cooke-Lauder

    "DEPARTMENT TOWN HALL: Creating our Strategic Plan"

    Peter Lansdorp, Distinguished Scientist, Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer; Professor, Medical Genetics, UBC

    "Telomerase and Cell renewal in the context of Evolution Biology"

    Dr. Michael Chen - Co-Chair, BC COVID-19 Biobank Network and Head, Medical Biochemistry, Island Health

    "BC COVID-19 Biobank Network (BCCBN): Promoting Access and Enabling Research"

    Craig Ivany, Chief Provincial Diagnostics Officer

    "Overview of the British Columbia laboratory service delivery model"

    This video is password protected, contact Mayumi Shimada to get an access.
    Drs. Agatha Jassem and Mark Hull from BCCDC

    "The emergence of monkeypox in BC: clinical findings and BC testing data"

    Dr. Michael S. Kobor, Professor of Medical Genetics

    "Epigenetics and the Human Life Course"

    Dr. Suzanne Vercauteren, Head & Medical Director at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital

    "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion"

    Dr. Kevin Ko, Oral Pathology

    "Pearls and Pitfalls in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology"

    Anna Blakney, Assistant Professor in the Michael Smith Laboratories and School of Biomedical Engineering at UBC

    "Next Generation RNA Vaccines"

    Titus Wong, Clinical Assistant Professor, Regional Medical Director of Infection Control and Dr. Jennifer Grant, Clinical Associate Professor, Medical Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases Physician, VGH

    "COVID-19: Practice update and Preparations for the Summer/Fall"

  • discuss provincial preparations for the fall. (…)

  • 20-May-22
    Peter Zandstra, Director and Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, UBC

    "How tissues are built"

    Michelle Dittrick

    "Practical tips and tricks for launching a research study"

    Mike Nimmo - Vice chair Education

    "Education in the UBC Department of Pathology - the present state and future directions"

    Naveena Singh, Clinical Professor, UBC and Anatomic Pathologist, Vancouver General Hospital

    "Update on vulvar squamous cell carcinoma and its precursors"

    Jennifer Cooper, Graduate Student Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health

    "COVID-19 and the brain: what neurological blood based biomarkers can tell us about neurological consequences of COVID-19 in critically ill patients"

    Presented with Haifeng Zhang (see video below)
    Haifeng Zhang, Research Associate BC Cancer Research Centre

    "Identification and targeting of a tumor cell surface protein via immunotherapy strategies"

    Dr. Cheryl Wellington, Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC, Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, ICORD

    "Vision and initial goals"

  • invite participation on the VCR committee. (…)

  • 1-Apr-22
    Gao, Zu-hua, Professor and Department Head Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC

    "Liver biopsy interpretation"

    Jay Kizhakkedathu Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar

    "Immunomodulating cell-surface engineering towards improved transfusion and transplantation"

    Gao, Zu-hua, Professor and Department Head Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC

    "My First 100 Days"