Pathology Province-Wide Rounds

 DateTopic typeSpeakerTitle and linksObjectives
9-Dec-22CLINICALDr. Ivan Chebib"International System for Reporting Soft Tissue Cytopathology"
2-Dec-22RESEARCHJames Piret (MSL)TBA
25-Nov-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSDr. Daniel Holmes, Clinical Professor, Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Division Head, Clinical Chemistry, St. Paul’s Hospital "SPH Pathology and Laboratory Medicine"

18-Nov-22PALSDr. Larry Barzelai, MD, CCFP (family physician), Assistant Professor UBC, Chair of the BC Branch of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment"Climate Change is the Crucial Health Issue of Our Time"

11-Nov-22This week is Remembrance Day, so there will be no Rounds
4-Nov-22RESEARCHDr. Wan Lam, Director of the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program at BC Cancer Research and Professor at UBC“Understanding Lung Cancer Molecular Biology in Smokers and Non-smokers”

    Learning Objectives:
  • to gain understanding on current research in lung cancer molecular biology ;
  • to gain understanding of how lung cancer in smokers and never smokers may develop through different genetic mechanisms.
28-Oct-02DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSJane Cooke-LauderDEPARTMENT TOWN HALL: Creating our Strategic Plan.

21-Oct-22CLINICALPeter Lansdorp, Distinguished Scientist, Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer; Professor, Medical Genetics, UBC "Telomerase and Cell renewal in the context of Evolution Biology"

    Learning Objectives:
  • recognize clinical features of telomere biology disorders ;
  • appreciate telomere shortening as a powerful tumor suppressor mechanism that limits cell renewal in the hematopoietic, immune and cardiovascular system;
  • consider a novel model to explain why females have longer telomeres and live longer than males.
10/7/2022RESEARCHDr. Michael Chen - Co-Chair, BC COVID-19 Biobank Network and Head, Medical Biochemistry, Island Health"BC COVID-19 Biobank Network (BCCBN): Promoting Access and Enabling Research"

    Learning Objectives:
  • introduce BCCBN as a province-wide platform for biobanking;
  • describe BCCBN developments and subsequent benefits;
  • discuss specimen access and future directions.
30-Sept-22 CANCELLED
23-Sep-22PALSCraig Ivany, Chief Provincial Diagnostics Officer"Overview of the British Columbia laboratory service delivery model" This video is password protected, contact Mayumi Shimada to get an access.
    Learning Objectives:
  • identify and explore the nature of the laboratory service delivery sector in British Columbia;
  • identify and explore some of the contextual tensions that lab leaders may face;
  • implications/opportunities for the future of laboratory services in British Columbia.
16-Sep-22CLINICALDrs. Agatha Jassem and Mark Hull from BCCDC"The emergence of monkeypox in BC: clinical findings & BC testing data"

    Learning Objectives:
  • review clinical presentation of monkeypox;
  • management options for symptomatic infection.
9-Sep-22RESEARCHDr. Michael S. Kobor, Professor of Medical GeneticsEpigenetics and the Human Life Course

    Learning Objectives:
  • to learn about the importance and complexity of epigenetics across the human life course;
  • to understand the various ways by which the epigenome can inform on human health and disease;
  • to explore opportunities for collaborative research in human epigenetics and learn about the new Edwin S.H. Leong Healthy Aging Program at UBC.
24-Jun-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSMark Hull from BCCDC"Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine"

    Learning Objectives:
  • to learn about the importance and complexity of epigenetics across the human life course;
  • to understand the various ways by which the epigenome can inform on human health and disease;
  • to explore opportunities for collaborative research in human epigenetics and learn about the new Edwin S.H. Leong Healthy Aging Program at UBC.
17-Jun-22CLINICALDr. Kevin Ko, Oral Pathology"Pearls and Pitfalls in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology"

    Learning Objectives:
  • discuss the importance of clinical-radiological correlation in diagnosing odontogenic and non-odontogenic jaw lesions;
  • recognize the pitfalls in diagnosing oral mucosal lesions, with an emphasis on oral potentially malignant disorders;
10-Jun-22RESEARCHAnna Blakney, Assistant Professor in the Michael Smith Laboratories and School of Biomedical Engineering at UBC"Next Generation RNA Vaccines"

  • review current provincial COVID-19 epidemiology;
  • review current provincial safety recommendations;
  • review current provincial COVID-19 therapy recommendations;
  • discuss provincial preparations for the fall.
13-May-22RESEARCHPeter Zandstra  - Director and Professor, School of Biomedical EngineeringHow tissues are built

6-May-22PALSMichelle Dittrick"Practical tips and tricks for launching a research study"

    Learning Objectives:
  • review the challenges faced in starting a research study and alternative approaches to consider;
  • learn practical tips to facilitate study approvals;
  • identify local resources available to researchers.
29-Apr-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSMike Nimmo - Vice chair Education"Education in the UBC Department of Pathology - the present state and future directions"

    Learning Objectives:
  • describe current educational areas/activities within the Department;
  • list issues facing pathology education within the Department;
  • describe the future directions of educational activities within the department.
22-Apr-22CLINICALDr. Naveena Singh, Clinical Professor, UBC and Anatomic Pathologist, Vancouver General Hospital"Update on vulvar squamous cell carcinoma and its precursors"

    Learning Objectives:
  • to understand the current etiology-based classification of VSCC and its precursor lesions;
  • to understand the importance and learn the expression patterns of p16 and p53 immunohistochemistry;
  • to become familiar with the terminology and approach to diagnosis of HPV-independent, p53-wild type VSCC precursors.
15-Apr-22 (HOLIDAY)
8-Apr-22RESEARCH TRAINEE 20min + 10 min seminarJennifer Cooper, Graduate Student DjavadMowafaghianCentre for Brain Health"COVID-19 and the brain: what neurological blood based biomarkers can tell us about neurological consequences of COVID-19 in critically ill patients"

shared video from below

    Learning Objectives:
  • gain knowledge about what neurological biomarkers can tell us about the central nervous system;
  • understand the utility of blood based neurological biomarkers as clinical tools;
  • examine these biomarkers in a population of critically ill patients with COVID-19.
8-Apr-22RESEARCH TRAINEE 20min + 10 min seminarHaifeng Zhang, Research Associate BC Cancer Research CentreIdentification and targeting of a tumor cell surface protein via immunotherapy strategies
    Learning Objectives:
  • how cancer cells evade cell death under oxidative stress;
  • how cancer cells augment cysteine metabolism as a cytoprotection mechanism;
1-Apr-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSDr. Cheryl Wellington, Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC, Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, ICORD"Vision and initial goals"

    Learning Objectives:
  • introduce myself as Vice Chair of Research (VCR), Dept of Pathology & Lab Medicine;
  • describe my initial vision as VCR;
  • outline short and medium term goals for VCR;
  • invite participation on the VCR committee.
25-Mar-22CLINICALGao, Zu-hua, Professor and Department Head ?Ÿ?? Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC"Liver biopsy interpretation"

    Learning Objectives:
  • systematic approach to liver biopsy ;
  • interpretation based on patterns of abnormality ;

  • overview of morphological characteristics of common liver diseases .
18-Mar-22RESEARCHKizhakkedathu, Jay, Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar"Immunomodulating cell-surface engineering towards improved transfusion and transplantation"
    Learning Objectives:

  • understand the development of blood group antigen conversion towards universal red blood cells, and their immunological compatibility;

  • understand the development of immuno-cloaking approaches using novel immune-suppressing polymers to prevent transplant rejection.

11-Mar-22PALSDevine, Dana, Director, Centre for Blood Research; Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Canadian Blood Services; Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Medicine;
Associate Member, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medicine
"Academic Leadership: How is it done?"

    Learning Objectives:
  • discuss how to take advantage of leadership opportunities;

  • understand where to find leadership opportunities;

  • appreciate the qualities that make a good leader.

4-Mar-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSGao, Zu-hua, Professor and Department Head ?Ÿ?? Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC"My First 100 Days"

view PDF presentation

    Learning Objectives:
  • identify the strength and issues of the department;

  • summary suggestions from faculty members;

  • iscuss plans forward.