Pathology Province-Wide Rounds


 DateTopic typeTitle and linksObjectives
Dr. Gang Wang, MD, PhD | Consultant Pathologist, BC Cancer | Director, The David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre | Clinical Associate Professor, UBC17-Mar-23DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS"The David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC): What is it, where did it come from and where is it going?"
  • What is the history of DHPLC?;
  • What is DHPLC doing?
  • What is its future perspective?
Presented by: Dr. David Goldfarb, Medical Microbiologist, BC Children’s Hospital, Dr. Lien Hoang, Anatomic Pathologist, Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Veronica Hirsch-Reinshagen, Neuropathologist, Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Shazia Masud, Medical Microbiologist, Fraser Health, Dr. Danielle Meunier, Hematopathologist, Island Health, Dr. Tyler Smith, Hematopathologist, Vancouver General Hospital (moderator)10-Mar-23PALS"Panel Discussion on Career Planning and Job Applications"

  • Develop their own approach and plan for career development that incorporates strategies discussed in the session;
  • Identify important considerations when applying for positions or interviewing candidates.
3-Mar-23CLINICALThe Rounds are cancelled this week.
Citlali Márquez, PhD - Research Project Leader at BCCDC24-Feb-23RESEARCH"Using the power of serological multiplex assays to track COVID-19"

  • Introduce MSD’s multiplex assay and its applications on serological studies during COVID-19;
  • Describe how antenatal residual samples can be used to track SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination rates in the general population.
Agatha Jassem, PhD, FCCM, Program Head, Virology Lab, BCCDC PHL; President, BC Association of Clinical Scientists; Graham Sinclair, PhD, FCCMG, Biochemical Geneticist, BC Newborn Screening Lab, BCCH; Tanya Nelson, PhD, FCCMG, Division Head, Genome Diagnostics, BCCH; Tracy Tucker, PhD, FCCMG Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Geneticists Cancer Genetics & Genomics Laboratory, BC Cancer17-Feb-23DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS"Clinical Scientists in Action"

  • Define the role of Clinical Scientists in healthcare service delivery in BC;
  • Describe recent testing advancements within newborn screening in BC;
  • Describe recent advances in clinical genome diagnostics in BC and related policy development;
  • Describe new genetic testing initiatives in cancer care in BC.
Presented by: Dr. Tyler Smith, Hematopathology (Chair); Dr. David Huntsman, Molecular and Genomic Pathology; Dr. Daniel Holmes, Medical Biochemistry; Dr. Marthe Charles, Medical Microbiology; Dr. Andrew Shih, Transfusion Medicine10-Feb-23PALS"Panel Discussion – Laboratory Medicine and Private Industry"
  • Describe ways in which relationships can be beneficial with private industry;
  • Highlight some of the potential conflicts of interest to navigate when dealing with private industry;
  • Formulate their own ethical approach to their private industry relationships.
Dr. Veronica Hirsch-Reinshagen - Neuropathologist at ICORD and Assistant Professor, and Dr. Mike Nimmo - Clinical Professor, Vice Chair Clinical Education and Residency Program Director 3-Feb-23CLINICAL"Scientific method and a book of spells: Bringing neurological and systemic autoantibody testing to BC"

  • Understand the basic principles of autoantibody testing methodology;
  • Review the type and clinical relevance of neurological autoantibody testing to be implemented in BC.
Ying Wang, Assistant Professor, Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC; St. Paul’s Hospital Centre for Heart Lung Innovation27-Jan-23RESEARCH"Characterizing atherosclerosis at the molecular level to improve treatment outcome of anti-inflammatory therapies"

  • Tackle the problems seen in the CANTOS trial: using multiplex imaging to define the “bad” cytokines in human coronary lesions;
  • Discuss who will benefit from colchicine: defining the therapeutic targets of colchicine in clinically relevant models and human coronary lesions.
Dr. Lucy Perrone, Donald B. Rix Professor in Laboratory Quality at UBC 20-Jan-23DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSThe Canadian Microbiology Proficiency Testing Program (CMPT): A Clinical Service and External Quality Assessment Partner for Laboratories Performing Microbiology Testing

    Learning Objectives:
  • What does CMPT do to support diagnostic testing quality including test accuracy?;
  • How does CMPT support public and environmental health?
  • How does CMPT implement its programs and provide continuing education to subscribing laboratories and community-based testing sites?
  • How is CMPT peer-directed and how you might get involved.
We will be cancelling the December 23rd Rounds. And we wish you a Happy Holiday season!!23-Dec-22
The PALS lecture this week has been cancelled.16-Dec-22PALS
Dr. Ivan Chebib, Director of Immunohistochemistry Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
9-Dec-22CLINICAL"International System for Reporting Soft Tissue Cytopathology"

James Piret (MSL)2-Dec-22RESEARCH"Noninvasive Technology Development for Monitoring and Validating Cell Therapy Manufacturing"

Dr. Daniel Holmes, Clinical Professor, Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Division Head, Clinical Chemistry, St. Paul’s Hospital 25-Nov-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS"SPH Pathology and Laboratory Medicine"

Dr. Larry Barzelai, MD, CCFP (family physician), Assistant Professor UBC, Chair of the BC Branch of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment18-Nov-22PALS"Climate Change is the Crucial Health Issue of Our Time"

This week is Remembrance Day, so there will be no Rounds11-Nov-22
Dr. Wan Lam, Director of the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program at BC Cancer Research and Professor at UBC4-Nov-22RESEARCH“Understanding Lung Cancer Molecular Biology in Smokers and Non-smokers”

    Learning Objectives:
  • to gain understanding on current research in lung cancer molecular biology ;
  • to gain understanding of how lung cancer in smokers and never smokers may develop through different genetic mechanisms.
Jane Cooke-Lauder28-Oct-02DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESSDEPARTMENT TOWN HALL: Creating our Strategic Plan.

Peter Lansdorp, Distinguished Scientist, Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer; Professor, Medical Genetics, UBC 21-Oct-22CLINICAL"Telomerase and Cell renewal in the context of Evolution Biology"

    Learning Objectives:
  • recognize clinical features of telomere biology disorders ;
  • appreciate telomere shortening as a powerful tumor suppressor mechanism that limits cell renewal in the hematopoietic, immune and cardiovascular system;
  • consider a novel model to explain why females have longer telomeres and live longer than males.
Dr. Michael Chen - Co-Chair, BC COVID-19 Biobank Network and Head, Medical Biochemistry, Island Health10/7/2022RESEARCH"BC COVID-19 Biobank Network (BCCBN): Promoting Access and Enabling Research"

    Learning Objectives:
  • introduce BCCBN as a province-wide platform for biobanking;
  • describe BCCBN developments and subsequent benefits;
  • discuss specimen access and future directions.
30-Sept-22 CANCELLED
Craig Ivany, Chief Provincial Diagnostics Officer23-Sep-22PALS"Overview of the British Columbia laboratory service delivery model" This video is password protected, contact Mayumi Shimada to get an access.
    Learning Objectives:
  • identify and explore the nature of the laboratory service delivery sector in British Columbia;
  • identify and explore some of the contextual tensions that lab leaders may face;
  • implications/opportunities for the future of laboratory services in British Columbia.
Drs. Agatha Jassem and Mark Hull from BCCDC16-Sep-22CLINICAL"The emergence of monkeypox in BC: clinical findings & BC testing data"

    Learning Objectives:
  • review clinical presentation of monkeypox;
  • management options for symptomatic infection.
Dr. Michael S. Kobor, Professor of Medical Genetics9-Sep-22RESEARCHEpigenetics and the Human Life Course

    Learning Objectives:
  • to learn about the importance and complexity of epigenetics across the human life course;
  • to understand the various ways by which the epigenome can inform on human health and disease;
  • to explore opportunities for collaborative research in human epigenetics and learn about the new Edwin S.H. Leong Healthy Aging Program at UBC.
Mark Hull from BCCDC24-Jun-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS"Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine"

    Learning Objectives:
  • to learn about the importance and complexity of epigenetics across the human life course;
  • to understand the various ways by which the epigenome can inform on human health and disease;
  • to explore opportunities for collaborative research in human epigenetics and learn about the new Edwin S.H. Leong Healthy Aging Program at UBC.
Dr. Kevin Ko, Oral Pathology17-Jun-22CLINICAL"Pearls and Pitfalls in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology"

    Learning Objectives:
  • discuss the importance of clinical-radiological correlation in diagnosing odontogenic and non-odontogenic jaw lesions;
  • recognize the pitfalls in diagnosing oral mucosal lesions, with an emphasis on oral potentially malignant disorders;
Anna Blakney, Assistant Professor in the Michael Smith Laboratories and School of Biomedical Engineering at UBC10-Jun-22RESEARCH"Next Generation RNA Vaccines"

  • review current provincial COVID-19 epidemiology;
  • review current provincial safety recommendations;
  • review current provincial COVID-19 therapy recommendations;
  • discuss provincial preparations for the fall.
Peter Zandstra  - Director and Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering13-May-22RESEARCHHow tissues are built

Michelle Dittrick6-May-22PALS"Practical tips and tricks for launching a research study"

    Learning Objectives:
  • review the challenges faced in starting a research study and alternative approaches to consider;
  • learn practical tips to facilitate study approvals;
  • identify local resources available to researchers.
Mike Nimmo - Vice chair Education29-Apr-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS"Education in the UBC Department of Pathology - the present state and future directions"

    Learning Objectives:
  • describe current educational areas/activities within the Department;
  • list issues facing pathology education within the Department;
  • describe the future directions of educational activities within the department.
Dr. Naveena Singh, Clinical Professor, UBC and Anatomic Pathologist, Vancouver General Hospital22-Apr-22CLINICAL"Update on vulvar squamous cell carcinoma and its precursors"

    Learning Objectives:
  • to understand the current etiology-based classification of VSCC and its precursor lesions;
  • to understand the importance and learn the expression patterns of p16 and p53 immunohistochemistry;
  • to become familiar with the terminology and approach to diagnosis of HPV-independent, p53-wild type VSCC precursors.
15-Apr-22 (HOLIDAY)
Jennifer Cooper, Graduate Student DjavadMowafaghianCentre for Brain Health8-Apr-22RESEARCH TRAINEE 20min + 10 min seminar"COVID-19 and the brain: what neurological blood based biomarkers can tell us about neurological consequences of COVID-19 in critically ill patients"

shared video from below

    Learning Objectives:
  • gain knowledge about what neurological biomarkers can tell us about the central nervous system;
  • understand the utility of blood based neurological biomarkers as clinical tools;
  • examine these biomarkers in a population of critically ill patients with COVID-19.
Haifeng Zhang, Research Associate BC Cancer Research Centre8-Apr-22RESEARCH TRAINEE 20min + 10 min seminarIdentification and targeting of a tumor cell surface protein via immunotherapy strategies
    Learning Objectives:
  • how cancer cells evade cell death under oxidative stress;
  • how cancer cells augment cysteine metabolism as a cytoprotection mechanism;
Dr. Cheryl Wellington, Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC, Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, ICORD1-Apr-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS"Vision and initial goals"

    Learning Objectives:
  • introduce myself as Vice Chair of Research (VCR), Dept of Pathology & Lab Medicine;
  • describe my initial vision as VCR;
  • outline short and medium term goals for VCR;
  • invite participation on the VCR committee.
Gao, Zu-hua, Professor and Department Head Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC25-Mar-22CLINICAL"Liver biopsy interpretation"

    Learning Objectives:
  • systematic approach to liver biopsy ;
  • interpretation based on patterns of abnormality ;

  • overview of morphological characteristics of common liver diseases .
Kizhakkedathu, Jay, Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar18-Mar-22RESEARCH"Immunomodulating cell-surface engineering towards improved transfusion and transplantation"
    Learning Objectives:

  • understand the development of blood group antigen conversion towards universal red blood cells, and their immunological compatibility;

  • understand the development of immuno-cloaking approaches using novel immune-suppressing polymers to prevent transplant rejection.

Devine, Dana, Director, Centre for Blood Research; Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Canadian Blood Services; Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Medicine;
Associate Member, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medicine
11-Mar-22PALS"Academic Leadership: How is it done?"

    Learning Objectives:
  • discuss how to take advantage of leadership opportunities;

  • understand where to find leadership opportunities;

  • appreciate the qualities that make a good leader.

Gao, Zu-hua, Professor and Department Head Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC4-Mar-22DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS"My First 100 Days"

view PDF presentation

    Learning Objectives:
  • identify the strength and issues of the department;

  • summary suggestions from faculty members;

  • iscuss plans forward.