PATH 375 Introduction to Human Pathology

PATH 375 Introduction to Human Pathology

A lecture-demonstration course designed to acquaint students in the allied health professions with a basic understanding of the causes, natural history, and pathophysiology of common disease processes. Prerequisites: 6 credits each first year Biol and Chem.

  • For 3rd year students in one of these programs: BMLS, BHK, BKIN, BSCP, BSFN, BSN, BSP.


Cell pathology
Inflammation, Repair and Response to Injury
Genetic and Developmental Diseases
Cardiovascular System
Fluid and Haemodynamic Disorders
Respiratory System
Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Systems
Gastrointestinal System
Liver and Biliary Tract and the Pancreas
Urinary Tract and the Male Genital System
Reproductive System and the Breast
Bones, Joints, Muscle, Skin,
Endocrine System
Central Nervous System

Exam format: both the midterm and final exam are multiple choice.

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