• The proposed supervisor must have a current Clinical or Tenure Track appointment in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; each faculty member may submit only one project to the Summer Student Fellowship Program.
  • The Supervisor, in consultation with the student, must complete the attached Abstract Form.
  • Projects must involve active student participation in the proposed experiments or activities, and must result in a synopsis of accomplishments during the summer, to be submitted to the Department in August of the award period. Failure of the student to submit a report may exclude the supervisor from future participation in this program.
  • The proposed student project or experience must be funded by an appropriate source.
  • The supervisor must ensure proper mentoring and involvement in the student’s summer research project or clinical experience.
  • The project must be of limited scope so that the student can reasonably complete the project in the two-month period.
  • Projects requiring ethics approval should have ethics approval completed before the student begins the project.