Finding a Supervisor

Students interested in taking this course should contact potential supervisors as early as possible, ideally in March or April, but at least several weeks ahead of the registration deadline.  To increase the chance of securing a supervisor and a place for directed studies, students should provide potential supervisors with all information about the course, the reason for being interested in the type of research conducted in a particular supervisor’s laboratory, and the time (hours per week) you are able to spend on the project.

Does the Department assign a supervisor for me?
No. It is the student’s responsibility to organize a supervisor.

How do I find a supervisor?
Visit the Research Interests page on the Pathology Department website.  The next step is to contact the supervisor(s) of the lab(s) that appeal to you and see if they are interested in taking a PATH 438 student to start in September.

Can my supervisor be in another department?
Your supervisor should be a member of the department of Pathology.  If the supervisor is in another department, you should take that department’s directed studies course.  If that department doesn’t offer a directed studies course you may obtain special permission from the Course Coordinator to enrol in PATH 438 by having your potential supervisor submit the online Project Summary Form.

Can I register first and find a supervisor later?
It is advisable that you have a supervisor before registering for the course.  You should start searching for a supervisor as early as possible.  The deadline to register is by the second week of classes in September. (see Academic Dates and Deadlines)