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Whatever your interests or passions, you can support positive change with a gift to UBC Pathology. Choose to donate directly to our educational programs (see available options below) or support our operational and research needs in pathology. Your generosity in either area is greatly appreciated and will have a meaningful impact on our ongoing efforts and initiatives.

#1 Support Pathology Students
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On the donation page, you’ll find a dropdown menu listing the following programs. The descriptions below will help you understand what you are donating to:

  1. Graduate Program:

    • Tuition assistance, financial aid, and academic awards
    • Research project support and grant writing mentorship
    • Teaching and assistantship opportunities
  2. Undergraduate Summer Studentship:

    • Research stipends for undergraduate students collaborating with PALM faculty
    • Summer lab experiences for Indigenous youth in grades 8-12
  3. Post-Doctoral Fellow Mentorship Program:

    • Research and grant writing mentorship
    • Teaching opportunities
  4. BMLSc Program:

    • Teaching assistant support
    • Funding for teaching equipment
    • Travel awards for undergraduates
  5. Flexible Support:

    • Funds allocated to the most needed areas within the Graduate Program, Undergraduate Studentship, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, BMLSc Program, and Residency Program.
#2 Support Operational and Research Initiatives