Pathology Day 2017

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Keynote Speaker 2017

TITLE: "Comprehensive Genomic Profiling and Immunotherapy"
Dr. Jeffrey Ross is the Cyrus Strong Merrill Professor and Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Albany Medical College. He is the medical director of Foundation Medicine and a leader in the field of molecular diagnostics, having received a number of academic awards, been awarded three patents, and authored numerous publications in the fields of pathology, molecular diagnostics, oncology, and translational cancer research.

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Confirmed Speakers

The Pathology Day Planning Committee is pleased to announce the following speakers have confirmed their participation at the Pathology Day 2017:

Dr. Valerio Russo

"Granzyme B: an important contributor to dermal-epidermal separation in blistering
skin conditions"

Dr. Bruce McManus

"Human Suffering - Crossroads of the 7 C's"

Dr. Philipp Lange

Proteome complexity - challenge and opportunity for precision medicine

Dr. Julie Irving

Academic and Community Practice in Anatomical Pathology: An Oxymoron?

Pathology Day - Past Events

Pathology Day is an annual event held in late May featuring oral and poster presentations from graduate students, residents and other trainees.

At an evening reception cash prizes are awarded for the top three graduate student oral presentations, top three resident oral presentations and the top three poster presentations.
Pathology Day History

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Pathology Day Planning Committee 2017


Michael Allard

Professor and Head, Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC | Cardiovascular Pathologist and Research Scientist in the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation at St. Paul 's Hospital


Corree Laule

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UBC | MR Physicist, Blusson Spinal Cord Centre /ICORD and DMCBH


Avi Ostry

Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC | Staff Pathologist, Providence Healthcare, St Paul's Hospital


Tony Ng

Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC | Staff Pathologist, Vancouver General Hospital


Yazeed Alwelaie

Resident in the Anatomical Pathology Program, 4th year


Brennan Wadsworth

2nd year PhD student, Dr Kevin Bennewith Lab, BC Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC)

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