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2014/04 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Jason Hung
2014/04 Dr. Mari DeMarco Congratulations to Dr. Mari DeMarco on receiving the 2014 Nelly Auersperg Award from the Women's Health Research Institute.
2014/04 MSc DEFENCE - Samantha Hansford
2014/04 BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program Hosts: Dr. Tero-Pekka Alastalo, MD, PhD; Pediatric Cardiology, Children’s Hospital of Helsinki,University of Helsinki, Finland “Next Generation Genetic Diagnostics of Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases: From Challenges to Solutions” [April 2, 2014]
2014/03 CBR Graduate Student Awards; $15,000 (non-renewable). This competitive award is available to 6 MSc or PhD students under the supervision of a CBR PI. Application Deadline: April 21, 2014
2014/03 Workspace app (login is CWL):; Page 7, Server:, Username: CWL login, Password: CWL password
2014/03 Policy #81 (Use of Teaching Materials in a UBC Credit Course) We are pleased that the Board of Governors has recently approved a policy that we believe supports instructors in what is, and will continue to be, a rapidly changing learning environment. Policy #81 (Use of Teaching Materials in a UBC Credit Course) has four core elements: 1. It confirms that teaching materials are owned by the UBC instructors who create them. 2. It supports, but does not require, sharing and collaboration by enabling UBC instructors to use and revise the teaching materials developed by their UBC colleagues in UBC credit courses without the administrative burden of seeking and recording explicit permissions. 3. It encourages, but does not require, UBC instructors to share their teaching materials freely and openly beyond the borders of UBC using open source licensing. 4. It recognizes that, in certain situations, UBC instructors may prefer that their teaching materials not be used across UBC, and therefore enables them to restrict such use.
2014/03 UBC IT is pleased to announce the official launch of UBC Workspace, UBC’s first dedicated file sharing service. To start using Workspace, please visit and login with your EAD credentials (for most users, this is your Campus-Wide Login credentials). If you have trouble accessing the service, please contact the IT Service Centre at 604.822.2008.
2014/02 Canada’s largest integrated brain centre officially opens
2014/02 Noble, Michael: Leadership in Quality
2014/02 Dr. Elizabeth Bryce, a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Dr. Yassi, are helping South Africa implement occupational health guidelines developed by the World Health Organization (WHO)
2014/02 UBC helps expand diabetes clinical trial network; Dr. Rusung Tan will launch a clinical trial of a drug now used for psoriasis.
2014/02 Feb 18, 2014 - Vancouver Sun: Dr. Christian Steidl, a scientist at the BC Cancer Agency and a professor in the University of British Columbia’s Department of Pathology. New B.C. research lays the groundwork for personalized cancer treatment....
2014/02 Dr. Gerald Krystal Jane Macdougall: What does cancer eat? Sugar, mostly, and other lessons from my dinner with a professor of pathology.
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2014/01 Dr. David Vocadlo: "Chemical biology of the O-GlcNAc post-translational modification: from probes to Alzheimer disease." [Wednesday, January 29th; 12-1pm | LSC3, 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Vancouver, B.C.]
2014/01 The 3rd Annual Norman Bethune Symposium, The Centre for Blood Research [Wednesday, April 9, 2014 | Segal Building, 500 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC]
2014/01 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Eugene Chu
2014/01 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Bryant Harbourne
2014/01 Dr. Blake Gilks Congratulations to Dr. Blake Gilks on being awarded a 2014 UBC Killam Research Prize.
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2014/01 Discounted Pricing for Adobe Software Offered to all UBC Staff and Faculty.
2013/12 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Xin Ye
2013/12 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Lisa Shouning Ang
2013/12 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Naniye Cetinbas
2013/11 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Suzanne Yuen Shan Cheng
2013/11 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Amal Mohammad El-Naggar
2013/11 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Daven C H Tai
2013/10 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Sarah Neil
2013/10 MSc DEFENCE - Student: DeAnna Zanet
2013/10 Yip, Stephen Congratulations to Dr. Stehpen Yip for his success in receiving the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Mentored Clinical Scientist Award.
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2013/10 Dr. Bruce Verchere Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Verchere on receiving a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for contributions to diabetes research.
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2013/10 Dr. Christian Steidl Congratulations to Dr. Christian Steidl for receiving New Investigator Salary CIHR Award 2013!
2013/10 Dr. Sohrab Shah Congratulations to Dr. Sohrab Shah for winning the UBC Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award for Overall Excellence category for Early Career!
2013/10 Dr. Sohrab Shah Congratulations to Dr. Sohrab Shah who were appointed as Canada Research Chair in Computational Cancer Genomics!
2013/10 Dr. Jacqueline Quandt Congratulations to Dr. Jacqueline Quandt, the recipient of an MS Society of Canada Donald Paty Career Development Award!
2013/10 Pudek, Morris: Teaching Excellence Award. BMLSc Program
2013/10 Owen, David: International invited speaker at the !st annual Emirates Surgical Pathology Conference, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.
2013/10 Nimmo, Michael: Killam Teaching Prize
2013/10 Dr. Torsten Nielsen Congratulations to Dr. Torsten Nielsen on receiving the 2012 Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize by Canadian Cancer Society Young Investigator Award!
2013/10 Dr. Jay Kizhakkedathu Dr. Jay Kizhakkedathu has been awarded the UBC Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Basic Research.
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2013/10 Isaac-Renton, Judith: Gen-Probe Joseph Public Health Award, American Society for Microbiology
2013/10 Dr. David Huntsman Congratulations to Dr. David Huntsman, this year’s recipient of the Canadian Cancer Society William E. Rawls Prize for excellence in cancer research.
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2013/10 Hayes, Malcolm: Clinical Faculty award for career excellence in clinical teaching
2013/10 Ford, Jason: UBC MUS Teaching Excellence Award
2013/10 Ford, Jason: UBC MUS Undergraduate Society William A. Webber Award
2013/10 Crawford, Richard: Clinical Faculty award for career excellence in clinical teaching
2013/10 Duns, Gurben: Postdoctoral Trainee Fellowship
2013/10 Chang, Linda: Postdoctoral Trainee Fellowship
2013/10 Dr. Donald E. Brooks Dr. Donald E. Brooks, has won the inaugural 2013 Blood Safety Innovation Award from Terumo BCT, a Colorado-based maker of blood component and cellular technologies.
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2013/10 Dr. Sam Aparicio Congratulations to Dr. Sam Aparicio for receiving the Distinguished Achievement Award for Overall Excellence – Senior Faculty, from the UBC Faculty of Medicine.
2013/09 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Rick Ding
2013/09 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Matt Allard
2013/09 Ford, Jason: Canadian Association of Pathologists Leadership in Education Award
2013/08 Hogg, James: Canada Gairdner Wightman Award
2013/07 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Rika Aleliunas
2013/07 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Alon Hendel
2013/06 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Alex Choi
2013/06 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Kimberly C Wiegand
2013/05 Leslie Trowski and Tony Lin: Staff Service Award
2013/05 Graham Sinclair: Award for Excellence in Service
2013/05 Carol Park : David Hardwick Lifetime Achievement Award (Golden Bow Tie Award)
2013/05 Douglas Webber: Most Valuable Player Award
2013/05 William Godolphin: Award for Excellence in Education
2013/04 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Vince Montoya
2013/04 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Kasmintan A Schrader
2013/04 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Zsuzsanna Hollander
2013/04 PhD DEFENCE - Student: Paul Hiebert
2013/03 MSc DEFENCE - Student: Hayley Spencer
2013/02 You are now eligible to participate in Microsoft's Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of most Microsoft® Office desktop PC applications to install and use on your home computer. Please contact Debbie Bertanjoli @ for access information.
2012/10 Dr. Sean Young: 2012 Jeremy Jass Prize for Research Excellence in Pathology (co -recipient)
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