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Clinical Assistant Professor , UBC
Vernon Jubilee Hospital
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Academic background

  • Post-doctorate, Fellowship in Pediatric Pathology, Wayne State University. 2007/6
  • Post-doctorate, Residency, Anatomical Pathology, University of British Columbia. 2006/6
  • Doctorate Equivalent, MD, Medicine, University of Toronto. 2000/9
  • Bachelor’s Honours, Honours Bachelor’s of Science, University of Toronto. 1996/7

Research Interest

Research Interests: I am a Perinatal Pathologist with research interests in placental pathology in obstetrical
complications and evidence-based approaches to standardized placental assessments and reporting.
Fields of Application: Pathogenesis and Treatment of Diseases
Disciplines Trained In: Pathology
Areas of Research: Intrauterine Developmental Abnormalities, Pathology
Research Specialization Keywords: pathology, developmental biology, pediatric pathology, evidence-based
medicine, placenta, pregnancy complications, translational research
Research Disciplines: Pathology, Neurosciences, Obstetrics and Gynecology