Academic Rank:
Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinical Biochemist, Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver Coastal Health – VGH
Short Bio:

Dr. Li joined Vancouver General Hospital as a Clinical Chemist in December 2006 and the UBC Faculty of Medicine as a Clinical Assistant Professor in July 2007. She started her career as a Pediatrician in China. Her professional development was furthered by a PhD degree from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. She then did a Postdoctoral Fellowship with Dr. Amira Klip at the Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. After her Postdoctoral Training in Clinical Chemistry at University of Toronto, she took the position of Clinical Chemist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Prince Edward Island and spent 2.5 years there. In addition to her routine work as a clinical chemist at VGH, Dr. Li is involved in teaching in the UBC Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science Program and General Pathology and Medical Biochemistry Residency Training Program.

Academic background

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry (DABCC). 2007
  • Fellow of Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (FCACB). 2005
  • PhD, Karolinska Institute, Sweden. 1999
  • MS, Tongji Medical University, China. 1990
  • MD, Hubei Medical University, China. 1984


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Research Interest

Dr. Li’s clinical research interests include developing new lab tests by HPLC/UPLC and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry in the fields of endocrinology and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Teaching Interest

  • Laboratory based teaching