Academic Rank:
Clinical Instructor, UBC
Molecular Geneticist and FCCMG Cytogeneticist, BCCH
Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital
Short Bio:

Christine Tyson did her PhD in molecular cytogenetics at the Medical Research Council Mammalian Genetics Unit in Oxfordshire, England.  Following this, she trained as a clinical cytogeneticist at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, England, and then worked as a clinical cytogeneticist for two years in the Oncology Cytogenetics Laboratory at the Christie Hospital, also in Manchester.  She later worked at the Bristol Genetics Laboratory for two years as a clinical cytogeneticist.  Christine then moved to Vancouver and worked as a postdoc and then as a research associate in Dr Separovic’s molecular cytogenetics research laboratory in the Child and Family Research Institute at Children’s and Women’s Hospital of BC.  She left this position to pursue a Canadian College of Medical Geneticists fellowship in cytogenetics at Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC.  Since 2018 she has worked as a Molecular Geneticist and FCCMG Cytogeneticist in the Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Division of Genome Diagnostics, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital.

Primary Research Area
Genetics, genomics proteomics and related approaches
Secondary Research Area
Brain & Neuroscience