Post-BMLSc Pursuits

Read about the interesting and diverse career paths our graduates have pursued.

Megan O’Neill (2010)
Megan worked as an Electrocardiogram Technician in Niagara Falls for a short time before returning to UBC’s Medical Undergraduate Program.  She graduated in 2015 and is currently completing her Obstetric/Gynecology residency at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

“The BMLSc program gave me a strong foundation in laboratory medicine and other scientific disciplines, which has greatly enhanced my first year of medical school. Group facilitating and presentation techniques obtained from the BMLSc program have also aided my current studies as a medical student. Learning and obtaining the skills necessary to critically appraise and present published articles is the most valuable experience I gained from my studies in the BMLSc Program.”

Karl Li (2010)

Karl was the recipient of an Entrance Scholarship to the UBC Master of Food Science (MFS) Program and recently graduated with a MFS degree this past year.  He is currently the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Safety Program Coordinator and Quality Assurance Manager at Pace Processing in Surrey.

“The BMLSc program heavily focuses on problem- solving and analytical skills and these two skills definitely helped me through my graduate studies and my current job. Also group projects and the teaching course [PATH 405] are very helpful as I get to realize and recognize the way of effective communication, which is a must in the working environment. For me, the most valuable experience is that all the labs are hands-on and we get to use all the equipment and perform various lab techniques rather than watching a demo. The sense of community is what I enjoyed the most throughout the program.”

Marc Sze (2009)

Mark was awarded a UBC Graduate Entrance Scholarship and recently completed his MSc in Experimental Medicine under the joint supervision of Drs. James Hogg and Donald Sin.  He was also the recipient of a travel award to the American Thoracic Society Conference, as well as a best presentation award at the Experimental Medicine Student Research Day.  Mark is currently continuing research on the topic of the microbiome in the lungs of both healthy individuals and those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

“The BMLSc program gave me the fundamental molecular biology and histological skills to be able “jump” right into my research project, allowing me to complete master’s degree in less than two years. The histological component was the most challenging but also the most enjoyable part of the program and allowed me to start a summer research project, using quantitative histology on lung tissue [during which time] I met one of my current supervisors… I truly believe that the seminar course [PATH 405] was the most valuable experience I had.  Although the course focus was on improving presentation skills it was the intangible skills of critical thinking and peer- and self- critiquing that I found the most valuable.”

Edna Buchan (2007)

After obtaining her BMLSc degree by distance education, Edna continued working as Water Program Manager for the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency before completing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science at the University of Wollongong (Australia).   She now resides in Hilo (Hawaii) where, together with her husband, she operates a consulting company that provides technical assistance to environmental agencies throughout the Pacific.

“The BMLSc degree program provided me an opportunity to continually hone my academic and professional skills [and] also prepared me to continue my education for a master’s degree.  [This] increased my competitive advantage for increasingly challenging positions and higher salaries. The most valuable experience I gained from my studies in the program was perseverance.  Completion of the degree through the distance delivery option took 12 years, which was completed while working a succession of professional jobs and sailing our 34-ft sloop throughout the Pacific and Asia.”