Park, Yongjin

Park, Yongjin

MSc, PhD

Academic Rank(s): Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

Affiliation(s): BC Cancer Research Centre

Research and Scholarly Interests: Computational biology, cancer genomics, single-cell genomics, causal inference, high-dimensional data analysis

Clinical Interests: Developing and utilizing scalable probabilistic inference methods to uncover the hidden causal mechanisms behind various diseases, including cancer

Short Bio

Dr. Yongjin Park is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and the Department of Statistics at the University of British Columbia (UBC). His work primarily focuses on the development of scalable probabilistic inference methods to uncover hidden causal mechanisms behind human diseases such as cancer. Dr. Park’s approach integrates his background in biology and computer science, making significant contributions to computational biology and molecular oncology. He leads an interdisciplinary team at the BC Cancer Research Centre, applying computational methods to large genomic datasets to advance the understanding of disease mechanisms​.


Academic Background

  • Postdoctoral Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA, 2014
  • Master of Science in Computational Biology from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA, 2008
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology and Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University, South Korea

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Research Interest

Dr. Yongjin Park’s research is focused on developing advanced computational methods to understand the mechanisms underlying complex diseases, particularly cancer. He employs a range of cutting-edge techniques including causal inference, machine learning, and single-cell genomics. His work is particularly notable for integrating multi-omics data to explore the regulatory mechanisms at play in cancer progression. Dr. Park’s research aims to create robust, reproducible computational tools that can be widely used to enhance our understanding and treatment of diseases​.

  • Bayesian statistics
  • Causal inference
  • Computational Biology
  • Network science
  • Single-cell genomics

Current Projects In My Lab Include

Dr. Park’s active projects are listed at: Projects 


Teaching Interest