Young, Sean

Young, Sean


Academic Rank(s): Clinical Associate Professor, UBC, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine | Molecular Geneticist, Cancer Genetics and Genomics Laboratory, BC Cancer

Affiliation(s): BC Cancer

Research and Scholarly Interests: Molecular monitoring of response to targeted cancer therapy, New test development

Short Bio

Dr. Young is currently a Clinical Molecular Geneticist in the Cancer Genetics Laboratory, BC Cancer.  He completed his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at the University of Waterloo (1992), a Master’s degree in Chemistry (Laurentian, 1995) and doctoral studies at the University of Ottawa in human molecular genetics/biology under the supervision of Dr Robert Korneluk (2000).  Following his doctoral studies Dr. Young was certified as a Clinical Molecular Geneticist by both the American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG, 2005) and the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (CCMG, 2006). 

As a Clinical Molecular Geneticist, Dr. Young has been involved in the results interpretation and reporting of the bulk of molecular genetic tests stemming from CGL.  His main interests lie in molecular genetic service delivery, molecular monitoring, and the development/adoption of new tests and testing paradigms.



Academic Background

  • PhD, University of Ottawa. 2000
  • MSc, Laurentian University. 1995
  • BSc, University of Waterloo. 1992

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Research Interest

  • Molecular Genetic Service Delivery: He is involved in the interpretation and reporting of molecular genetic tests, focusing on the delivery of these services in a clinical setting.
  • Molecular Monitoring: Monitoring and analyzing molecular genetic data for patient care and research purposes.
  • Development and Adoption of New Tests: Working on creating and implementing new molecular genetic testing methods and paradigms.
  • Cell Biology: He has extensive expertise in cell culture techniques, specifically with mouse and human cells, including EBV-mediated immortalization of cells isolated from peripheral blood, cell transfection, and infection.
  • Protein Biochemistry: Proficient in various biochemical techniques, including reporter gene expression analysis, electrophoretic mobility shift assays, recombinant protein expression, and protein electrophoresis

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