Farinha, Pedro Miguel Sequeira

Farinha, Pedro Miguel Sequeira


Academic Rank(s): Clinical Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC | Laborator Medicine, UBC, Centre for Lymphoid Cancer, BCCA

Affiliation(s): BC Cancer Research Centre

Research and Scholarly Interests: Cancer, Knowledge translation, Molecular Pathology and Cell Biology

Clinical Interests:

Short Bio

Since early in my pathology training I developed a major interest in hematological malignancies with a focus on combining routine diagnostic lymphoma practice with translational research. As a result, I did a rotation at BC Cancer Agency’s Lymphoma Tumor Group in 2001. After completing my anatomic pathology residency in 2003 in Lisbon, I come back to BCCA for both Molecular Lymphoma Pathology and Clinical Hematopathology fellowships in Dr. Randy Gascoyne’s lab. This resulted in my PhD thesis entitled: “Biological Predictors of Survival in Lymphoma and Mechanisms underlying Follicular Lymphoma Transformation into Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma”.

I joined the BC Cancer pathology staff in 2013 and since then I continue to collaborate in many of Center for Lymphoid Cancer research projects.

My research interests have focused on different lymphoma types with an aim to understanding the mechanisms of lymphoma progression and transformation as well as discovery and development of new prognostic and predictive-target biomarkers. One of the main topics has been several projects related to the tumour microenvironment, specifically studies of the role of immune response in the transformation of follicular lymphoma.

Since 2001, it has been an honor and privilege to meet and work with so many bright colleagues of quite distinct backgrounds both at BCCA and through it with several international lymphoma groups.

Currently and in the coming years, I will certainly continue to integrate BC Cancer both lymphoma pathology diagnostic service and translational research studies at the BCC Centre for Lymphoid Cancer.



Academic Background

  • FRCPC (Anatomic Pathology) BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada. 2015
  • PhD (Lymphoma Pathology) Nova Medical School, Lisbon, Portugal. 2012
  • MD Nova Medical School, Lisbon, Portugal. 1995

Awards and Recognition




Selected Publications


Research Interest

Collaboration since 2001 with the translational lymphoma research program at BCCA & Centre of Lymphoid Cancer and its national and international networks.

Research Collaborations

  • Breast and Lymphoid Pathology (IPO, Lisbon) – 1998-2002
  • Lymphoma Group / Center for Lymphoid Cancer, BCCA – since 2001
  • Translational Research in Lymphoma (CHLC & FCML) – 2008/2013
  • Member of the iNOVA4Health translational medicine program –2013-2016
  • Collaboration with the Christie’s Haematopathology Program – 2018
  • Pan Canadian Harmonization of Hans’ Algorithm IHC Testing – 2016 -2020
  • Member of Lymphoma/Leukemia Molecular Profiling Project (LLMPP), since 2019
  • Member of Lunenburg Lymphoma Biomarker Consortium, since 2019
  • Co-author of the 5th edition World Health Organization classification of tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues, 2021

Clinical Service

Current Projects In My Lab Include


Teaching Interest

  • UBC, Pathology and Lab Med Residency Training Programs
  • European School of Oncology – Ulm University, Certificate of Competence in Lymphoma