Morshed, Muhammad

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Morshed, Muhammad

BSc, MSc (Dhaka), PhD (Yamaguchi)

Academic Ranks(s):

Clinical Professor, UBC, Clinical Microbiologist, BCCDC

Short Bio

Dr. Morshed received his PhD from the Yamaguchi University School of Medicine (Japan) in 1994. He completed his specialty training at the Research Institute of Tuberculosis in Tokyo and at the College of Natural Resources, University of California (Berkeley).

Dr. Morshed is recognized by the national and international research community for his expertise on spirochaetal diseases (Lyme disease, Syphilis, Helicobacter pylori). He has added significantly to the general knowledge and understanding of these diseases with more than 130-refereed scientific publications. His research focuses mainly on disease surveillance, test optimization and utilization on zoonotic and emerging pathogens.

Dr Morshed is a member of many provincial, national and international working groups and networks in the area of zoonotic and emerging pathogens and served on the executive boards of the Canadian College of Microbiologists (CCM) and Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (CACMID).

Dr Morshed is actively involved in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate educational programs at UBC and currently serves as coordinator of an undergraduate-level course on Medical Microbiology. On his recognition, Dr Morshed received an Excellence in Clinical Services Award from the UBC Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine in 2016. He was named a winner in the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards in 2017, received the Distinguished Microbiologist Award from the Canadian College of Microbiologists (CCM) in 2019 and became elected as an Expatriate Fellow by the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) in 2020.


Academic Background

  • Canadian College of Microbiologists, Specialist Microbiologist Certification.  1998
  • PhD, Yamaguchi University, Japan, Medical Microbiology. 1994
  • MSc, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, First Class in Microbiology. 1979
  • BSc (Honours), Dhaka Univ., Bangladesh, First Class in Botany. 1978

Awards and Recognition


For publications and citations, see Google Scholar.


Research Interest

Dr. Morshed’s primary research area is medical microbiology, infectious diseases and immunopathology; his secondary research area is molecular pathology and cell biology and zoonotic and spirochaetal diseases. His work includes a focus on modern diagnosis, the discovery of novel pathogens and the molecular epidemiology of zoonotic and emerging pathogens, particularly Borrelia burgdorferi, Treponema pallidum and Helicobacter pylori.

His laboratory at BCCDC is responsible for specialized serology testing, molecular testing and microbial fingerprinting, program evaluation and research. Currently his team is working on developing in-house nucleic acid testing as well as finding novel pathogens for vector-borne diseases.

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