Denegri, Jorge

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Denegri, Jorge

MD (Univ Of Buenos Aires), FRCPC

Academic Ranks(s):

Clinical Associate Professor, UBC


Laurel Medical Centre

Short Bio

Academic Background

  • FRCP(C) Hematology. 1980
  • MD, Medico – University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1970

Awards and Recognition


  • Keown PA, Stawecki M, McMichael J, Koegler J, Freeman D, Grant DR, Wall W, McKenzie FN, Stiller CR, Cameron E, Yeung K, Shackleton C, Glenn J, Denegri JF. Therapeutic monitioring of cyclosporine: Analytical and clinical considerations in the evolution to a whole-blood matrix using a selective monoclonal assay. Transplant. Proc.. 2004
  • Keown PA, Gleen J, Denegri JF, Deeg HJ, Seccombe D. Therapeutic monitoring of cyclosporine: Comparison of serum and whole-blooded standard curves in the 125I-labelled monoclonal radioimmunoassay. Clin. Chem. . 2004.
  • Sherlock C, Genegri JF, et al: CMV infection in kidney tansplantation. Prognosite significance and comparison between western blotting, complement consumption and immunofluorescent techniques. 2004
  • Sherlock CH, Denegri JF, Ashley RL. Serological responses to cytomegalovirus during renal transplant rejection. Transplantation. 52:272-275, 1991.

Research Interest

  • Cellular Immunology and Transplantation
  • Immunotherapy in acute leukemia and other tumors with in vitro stimulated lymphocytes against autologous malignant cells – host vs tumor effect
  • Immunoregulation in autoimmune diseases
  • Cryopreservation and autologous bone marrow transplantation
  • Tissue Typing and immunogenetics
  • Clinical Hematology

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Teaching Interest