Academic Rank:
Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC
Hematopathologist, St, Paul’s Hospital
St. Paul’s Hospital
Short Bio:

Dr. Griswold is a specialist in laboratory hematology. She has worked as a hematopathologist and in senior management positions in a number of laboratories in greater Vancouver and is currently medical leader of hematopathology at Providence Health Care. In her management positions, Dr. Griswold carried overall responsibility for quality performance of the institutions where she worked. This entailed ensuring that high quality of laboratory operations was maintained and new programs and practices to improve outcomes were implemented.

From 2005 to 2007, she was medical consultant to the BC Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Office quality management initiative. She has an interest in implementing quality initiatives that will improve laboratory performance and enhance clinical outcomes.

At Providence Health Care, she participates in the laboratory’s quality initiatives, including the implementation of quality management and the ongoing development and implementation of Lean. She is actively involved in teaching activities, including clinical and laboratory resident training, and also teaches a module of the Laboratory Quality Management certificate course offered by the Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management.

Academic background

  • Specialist Certification in Hematological Pathology, FRCP(C). 1979
  • MD, University of British Columbia. 1975
  • BSc, University of British Columbia. 1972


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