Academic Rank:
Clinical Associate Professor, UBC
Short Bio:
  • Hematopathologist, Lifelabs Medical Laboratories. 2006 – present
  • Director: Medical & Scientific Affairs, Lifebank Cryogenics Corporation. 2005/04 – present
  • Lifebank Cryogenics Corporation, Chairman, Medical & Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB). 2005- present

Dr. Mangal trained at the Fiji School of Medicine, where he received four Gold medals and was awarded the “School Dux Prize” for graduating top of his class.   He did his internship at the War Memorial Hospital in the Fiji Islands and was in community medical practice before immigrating to Canada.  1975  – 1978, Dr. Mangal  did l Residency training  at both Shaughnessy Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital at the University of British Columbia, where he was also Chief Resident in Hematology from 1978-1980. In 1982, he completed his Hematopathology Training at VGH.  After receiving his fellowship in Hematology, Dr. Mangal joined the staff at Vancouver General Hospital then moved to UBC Health Science Centre Hospital to be Head of Laboratory Hematology and Transfusion Medicine.

Dr. Mangal became Head of Hematology at Metro-McNair Clinical Laboratories (MDS Metro) in 1984, and in 1986, assumed the role of Senior Pathologist as well.  1990 – 1996, Dr. Mangal became Vice President of Medical Affairs. During this period, he obtained his MBA from Simon Fraser University, with his Final MBA paper on “Medical Informatics:  A Strategic Analysis of the Use of LIS to Promote Cost Effective Medical Care.”   1996 – 2000, Dr. Mangal was the Chair, Tariff Committee of the BC Association of Laboratory Physicians (BCALP) and 1997   2001, he was Medical Director at Canadian Blood Services (CBS), BC & Yukon Division. 2001-2006, Dr. Mangal held hematopathologist positions at Vancouver General and BC Biomedical Laboratories/CJ Coady Associates.  2005-2008, he was in Clinical Hematology Practice at the Surrey Memorial Hospital.  2005 – 2013, Dr Mangal  has been Medical and Scientific Director at Life Banks Cryogenic Corporation, involved with Cord Blood Stem cell cryopreservation. Dr. Mangal re-joined MDS Metro’s Hematology Department in May 2006, as Consultant Hematopathologist

Dr Mangal has held UBC Faculty appointment since 1982 and was honoured with the Quarter Century UBC Award in 2008 for his 25 years of teaching.  He has 10 peer reviewed/ refereed publications, 14 posters and abstracts at national and international conferences. One of his publications in Transfusion Medicine (1984) “Hemolytic Anemia due to Auto-antibody in renal transplant recipients” has been cited in excess of 70 times, as of 2012.  In addition to being invited speaker at National and Local conferences, Local Hospitals Grand Rounds and community groups; Dr Mangal has been a Visiting Guest Lecturer at the University of Fiji, Umanand Prasad School of Medicine and International Faculty member at the Fourth International CME in Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana, India.  Dr Mangal has been involved in planning and supervision of undergraduate co-op students, from various institutions (UBC, SFU, Uvic, BCIT), and also high school students in their Career Development Programs.

Dr Mangal is currently a Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UBC and continues to be actively involved in UBC Medical Student Selection Interviews and Teaching at various levels.  He was actively involved in development of a “new community Hematopathology Program” for UBC Hematopathology Residents for onsite training at Lifelabs Medical Laboratories, Burnaby Labs, where they can get unique exposure to community and primary care hematology laboratory practice.  Dr. Mangal is currently a member of UBC Hematopathology Resident Training Committee and the On-Site Coordinator for the UBC Hematopathology Residency Program at Lifelabs.

Academic background

  • MBA, Executive MBA Program, Simon Fraser University. 1993-1995
  • FRCPC Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians of Canada, 1982
  • Hematology/Hemato-pathology Residency Training/ Fellowship Program, Vancouver General Hospital at University of British Columbia.1978-1982
  • Internal Medicine Residency Training Program, Vancouver General Hospital at University of British Columbia. 1975-1978
  • DSM Medicine, Fiji School of Medicine (FSM), Fiji Islands. 1973


  • Noble MA, Chan V, Mangal AK, Carter CJ, Freeman HJ. Candida esophagitis in a homosexual male with defective neutrophil function – A pseudo AIDS syndrome. Gastroenterology. 1987; 1(i):33-35.
  • Mangal AK, Sinclair M. Development of ‘auto anti-A1 antibodies’ following alloimmunization in an A2 recipient. Br J Haematol. 1984 Aug;57(4):714-6.
  • Mangal AK, Logan D, Sinclair M, Stillwell G. Protection against hemolysis in ABO mismatched renal transplantation. Transfusion. 1984 Jul-Aug;24(4):363-4.
  • Mangal AK, Growe GH, Sinclair M, Stillwell GF, Reeve CE, Naiman SC. Acquired hemolytic anemia due to “auto”-anti-A or “auto”-anti-B induced by group O homograft in renal transplant recipients. Transfusion. 1984 May-Jun;24(3):201-5.
  • Mangal AK, Grossman L, Vickars L. Disseminated intravascular coagulation in acute monoblastic leukemia: response to heparin therapy. Can Med Assoc J. 1984 Mar 15;130(6):731-3.

Research Interest

  • Thalassemia & Hemoglobinopathies; Thrombophilia & Coagulation; Blood morphology, Clinical Correlations of Hematologic abnormalities; Lab Informatics to promote cost-effective medical care ; Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking & Transplant
  • Specialty: Hematology