Supervisor Responsibilities

The supervisor should:

  • familiarize themselves with the requirements of the directed studies course
  • prepare a paragraph or two describing the project that the student will be working on
  • read the student’s written report prior to submission to ensure understanding of how to properly prepare the written report
  • be prepared to evaluate the student based on the following guidelines:

    Work and Effort

    •    Was the student well motivated?
    •    Did s/he get an early start on the project?
    •    Did the student need encouragement to start, or did s/he begin on their own initiative?
    •    Did s/he do assigned reading?
    •    Did the student keep up with the current literature in the field?
    •    Did the student carefully carry out experimental work? Or was the student careless at times?
    •    Was a laboratory notebook kept?
    •    Did the student spend a reasonable amount of time on the project (approximately one day each week)?

Initiative, Problem Solving, Understanding
•    Was the student able to work with some independence?   Or did the student constantly ask questions of others when they should have been able to solve the problem themselves?
•    Was the student able to make suggestions or modifications to the experimental approach when necessary?  Where they able to detect and solve some problems on their own?
•    Does the student have a clear understanding of the topic of research?
•    Did the student, on their own, understand the significance of the experimental results?
•    Did the student participate in lab meetings or discussions?