New Student

New to UBC

Students interested in pursuing the Infection Prevention and Control Certificate or in taking one of the online courses must be admitted to UBC.

  1. Become a Non-degree Studies Student
    • Unclassified (i.e. you have completed an undergraduate degree)
    • Visiting student (i.e. you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution)
    • Access Studies student (i.e. you don’t have a degree but have a diploma or other qualification)
  2. Complete the 3 online courses (PATH 427, PATH 467, PATH 477).  Please note each course is offered only one time per year.  It is recommended that students begin with PATH 427, which is a prerequisite for PATH 477.
  3. Contact us once you’ve completed the 3 online courses and you’re ready to enrol in PATH 451 Clerkship in Laboratory Medicine and Infection Prevention and Control.

Visit Certificate Requirements and Completion for information on qualifying for the IPC Certificate.