Post-BMLSc Pursuits

Patrick Wong (2003)

Patrick completed both an MSc degree in Pathology and MD degree at UBC.  He is currently a General Pathology Resident in our department.

“Honestly, I had previously never thought about going into General Pathology because of the breadth and volume of knowledge to be obtained.  However, the BMLSc program trained me so well in all areas of the medical laboratory that I felt that I was up for this challenge.  Now, I am loving every minute of this experience.

Aside from the academic material, the friendships that were made in the BMLSc Program weres one of the most valuable experiences for me.  I most enjoyed the small class size and close teaching relationships with the professors.  This amount of collegiality would not be found anywhere else.  It made learning more tangible and fun.  I never thought that I would be working with the professors that once lectured us during my BMLSc studies, but now, it is an honor and privilege to be working with them on a daily basis.”

Barry McTavish (2002)

Barry is a Registered Technologist who entered the BMLSc Program as a distance education student while working in Churchill, Manitoba and Sioux Lookout, Ontario; he completed some of his degree requirements by attending UBC as a full-time student for a year.  After graduation, he went on to obtain a Master of Biotechnology at the University of Calgary and a Genetics Technology Diploma from BCIT.  Barry is currently working as a Cytogenetics Technologist at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

“The BMLSc degree prepared me by teaching me to work independently as well as within a group. The thing I enjoyed the most about the program was the location. The UBC campus was amazing. Having grown up in Manitoba, having a winter with no snow was quite novel!”

Ian Wilson (2002)

Ian completed a PhD in Pathology at UBC and was the recipient of a CIHR Senior Student Fellowship and a MSFHR Senior Student Fellowship.  He is currently doing a Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (CCMG) Molecular Genetics Fellowship at Vancouver Children and Women’s Hospital.

“The study of such a wide variety of disciplines within pathology, as offered by the BMLSc program, has been immensely helpful in getting me where I am today. The interdisciplinary nature of many of the BMLSc courses taught me to see the whole picture of human pathology – from molecules to populations. What I enjoyed most about the program was the camaraderie and quality of instruction in the BMLSc program – it is second to none within the University.”

Faye Sirianni (2001)

Following graduation, Faye worked for three years as an Electron Microscopy Technician at the iCAPTURE Center at St. Paul’s Hospital.  She published papers in prominent journals and attended numerous conferences before entering medical school at UBC and obtaining her MD.  Faye completed a family medicine residency in Calgary, where she currently practices as a family doctor and participates in low-risk obstetrics.

“Through my BMLSc degree I was given a firm base in lab science which focused on pathology and helped to prepare me for medical school. I have a unique perspective in that I understand the background theory of the tests I order for patients.  The [comparatively] heavy course load also prepared me for the rigors of medical school and I learned how to study as an adult.  I really enjoyed the high instructor-to-student ratio [in the BMLSc Program].  Students would never get that in larger programs! I think the most valuable experience for me was gaining a mentor who helped me both in my career planning as well as my life in general.”