Essentials of Cytology Series
By: Dr. Gia-Khanh Nguyen

Teaching Cases in Hematology: A Virtual Slide Atlas

By: Jason C. Ford, MD, FRCP(C) & Sophia Wong

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The Atlas is a collection of classic hematology cases, representing both adult and pediatric conditions. Each case in the Atlas consists of a concise patient history, corresponding CBC findings and other pertinent laboratory data, as well as digitized slide(s) of peripheral blood smears, bone marrow aspirates/biopsies, lymph node biopsies, and/or other relevant histological tissues.


BCCA Cervical Cytology ThinPrep Digital Teaching Set
Study Cases
BCCA Pathologists Drs. Diana Ionescu, Greg Naus and Dirk Van Niekerkdeveloped a set of 45 cervical cytology Thin Prep cases which is presented in three teaching categories “Negative”, “Squamous lesions” and “Glandular lesions” as Thin Prep whole slide scans*. After reviewing the scanned slide you can click on the “What is the diagnosis” link to see the Interpretation/Result based on the latest Bethesda system guidelines for reporting cervical cytology. Five cases designated “Classical” were selected and can be viewed by diagnosis prior to looking at the teaching collection of cases in order to become familiar with digital imaging browsing and diagnosis.The authors would like to thank Don Philips for his expertise and outstanding assistance with slide scanning using the BCCA Aperio Whole Slide Scanning System.