The UBC David F. Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC) is a unique educational resource for learning about the causes and mechanisms of human disease, and for studying clinicopathologic correlations.

The Learning Centre is physically located on the second floor of the Diamond Health Care Centre in Vancouver and houses TheWilliam Boyd Museum of Pathology, The Thurlbeck Collection of pulmonary pathology (coming soon), a small library, and a study space. The Learning Centre also contains networked computer terminals for access to the Virtual Collections.

The virtual component to the Learning Centre includes The Virtual Collections, as well as teaching cases for medical students and postgraduate trainees. Courses for continuing medical education are in development. The complete content of the Learning Centre website can be accessed from networked computers at each of the Learning Centre’s SatelliteSites, while an abbreviated version
is available to the general public. Link to Virtual Collections