The UBC David F. Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC)

The UBC David F. Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC) is a unique educational resource which promotes the visual understanding of human diseases. The impact of diseases on organs are displayed through use of mounted specimens and virtual images. Accompanying case summaries tie in clinicopathological correlations, while Review articles and “Disease Cheat Sheets” highlight the causes and mechanisms underlying the diseases.


The Learning Centre is physically located on the second floor of the Diamond Health Care Centre in Vancouver and houses a variety of specimen collections and a presentation area.

The four principle collections hold both historical and current disease conditions spanning from the 1940’s to the present day. The specimens are anonymized but are accompanied by a brief description of the clinical presentation and/ or pathological findings.

The collections can be viewed by either dropping in to the DHPLC (see open hours) or by appointment. Groups of 6-30 people can arrange to have a talk as well as viewing time. (See Field Trip Visits).

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We also host a large collection of virtual material: microscopic collections, atlases, books and case studies. Some of these materials are available for use by everyone while others are password protected.

  • Scanned microscope slides and specimen images (coming soon)
  • Paleo-Pathology: The Iceman
  • Hematopathology Atlas
  • BCCA Thin Prep collection
  • Essentials of Cytology series by Dr. Nguyen
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  • Come and learn about diseases and how they are classified in the museum.
  • See what kind of changes they make to the organs and how that impacts function.
  • Hear about fascinating areas of research and how new information is challenging our thinking about the causes of diseases.
  • Explore the collections to learn about the range of diseases that affect us.
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