Petric, Martin

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Petric, Martin

BSc, MSc (McM), PhD (Brit. Col.)

Academic Ranks(s):

Professor Emeritus


BC Centre for Disease Control

Short Bio

Academic Background

  • Fellow of the Canadian College of Microbiologists, 2000-present
  • PhD, The University of British Columbia, Microbiology. 1973
  • MSc, McMaster University, Biology. 1970
  • BSc, McMaster University, Chemistry. 1967

Awards and Recognition


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  • Janjua NZ, Skowronski DM, Hottes TS, Osei W, Adams E, Petric M, Lem M, Tang P, De Serres G, Patrick DM, Bowering D. Transmission dynamics and risk factors for pandemic H1N1-related illness: outbreak investigation in a rural community of British Columbia, Canada. Influenza Other Respi Viruses. 2012 Mar 2. doi: 10.1111/j.1750-2659.2012.00344.x.

Research Interest

  • Diagnostic virology
  • Influenza serology
  • Human Papilloma virus serology

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