Purchase Card (Pcard)

Purchase Card (Pcard)

Guidelines can be found in the following website: http://www.supplymanagement.ubc.ca/UBCPurchaseCardProgram/

Application Process:

Fill out the application form

Important details for Pcard:

  • Limit per transaction $3500.00
  • Monthly credit limit $15,000.00


  • Personal Purchases
  • Cash advance or reimbursements
  • Travel and entertainment expenses ( e.g. all transportation, accommodation & meals)
  • Furniture
  • Controlled substances – purchases are to be made through Supply Management for records & retention purposes
  • Live laboratory/ research animals – must be made through Animal Care Centre
  • Maintenance contracts; Equipment rentals exceeding 30 days  including leasing of equipment
  • Splitting of amount to avoid $3,500 purchase limit per transaction