Disbursement of Funds

Disbursement of Funds

Authorized signature requirements:


Authorized Signatures Required

Department Head Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Faculty Members Department Head
Staff & Students At least one administrative level higher
External Vendors Project Grant Holder

Funds can be disbursed through the following forms:

1.         Journal Vouchers (J_______) are used for the following:

  • Purchasing goods or services from a supplier within UBC;
  • Transferring expenses or revenues within UBC;
  • Correcting posting errors.

General instructions for filling out Journal Vouchers can be found at http://www.finance.ubc.ca/forms         


2.         Requisition for Payment (Q_______) are used for the following:

  • Expense reimbursement;
  • Invoice payment;
  • Honoraria to individuals who do not have a UBC appointment.

Requisition for Payment Ref# and form is available via finance website. Please note that the reference # needs to be copied to the form :
To generate Ref#, please go to this website:  http://www.finance.ubc.ca/ap/qreqnumber.cfm
To get the form:http://www.finance.ubc.ca/forms

Important details for Requisition for Payment:

  • Indicate UBC vendor id. This can be found in FMIS — https://fmsnquery.finance.ubc.ca/pls/fmrep/ap_vendor_frm
  • If the vendor has no vendor id , please request vendor id setup from  vendorsetup@finance.ubc.ca. You will need to provide details such as name, address (always include postal code).
  • If the new vendor has a UBC appointment, please include Employee ID #
  • If the individual is an external vendor and is receiving an honorarium, please include SIN or equivalent;
  • Ensure to attach original receipts. Missing Receipts Form is required for items without receipts.
  • US$ bank draft will be issued for payments outside US & Canada
  • For processing, forward to:Requisitions Processing, UBC Financial Services, GSAB Zone 1

3.         Travel Requisitions (TR_________) are used for the following:

  1. Reimbursement of travel and related expenses to individuals;
  2. Direct payment of travel and related expenses to vendors, such as American Express, hotels, etc.:

General instructions for filling out Travel Requisitions can be found at http://fmisw.adm.ubc.ca/fmis/forms/travelreqform.htm

UBC Travel Policy


Faculty of Medicine travel/ entertainment policy

   Important details:

  1. UBC does not pay for the following expenses incurred during hotel stays, e.g., spa charges, mini-bar charges, movie rentals, game rentals, laundry, personal calls, personal internet access;
  2. Signature of traveler(s) is absolutely necessary if the traveler has a UBC appointment, not  necessary if they do not;
  3. If the reimbursement is to be to one individual (A) who paid for the travel of other individual(s) (B & C), please include with your documentation a letter to the effect that A paid for the travel of B & C and should be reimbursed for the travel of B & C. B & C must sign this letter.


Forward the above three forms by Campus Mail directly to:
Accounts Payable
UBC Financial Services
GSAB,  Zone 1