Academic Rank:
Clinical Assistant Professor
Medical Microbiologist, Vancouver General Hospital
Academic Administrator, UBC
Affiliated with BC Cancer Research Centre
Vancouver General Hospital
Short Bio:

I am a medical microbiologist with interests in quality and infection control. I completed my MD and residency at UBC and am currently finishing my MSc in clinical epidemiology at the UBC School of Population and Public Health. I have been working in the Division of Medical Microbiology and Infection Control at Vancouver General Hospital since 2012; I have fantastic colleagues and I enjoy the case variety and complexity. My current research interests include prevention and control of hospital-acquired infections, most recently working with Dr. Elizabeth Bryce and Dr. Diane Roscoe on pre-surgical decolonization bundles including photodisinfection to reduce surgical site infections, and with Dr. Elizabeth Bryce on UVC disinfection technology. I have interests in laboratory quality, and am part of the bacteriology committee of CMPT (Clinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing). I am involved with residency training as the Assistant Program Director of the UBC medical microbiology residency-training program, and as the course director for UBC Pathology 722 (MM/IC course for residents and fellows in general pathology, infectious diseases and medical microbiology).


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Research Interest

  • Prevention and control of hospital-acquired infections