Academic Rank:
Affiliated with James Hogg Research Centre and Institute for Heart + Lung Health
Vancouver General Hospital

Andrew Churg is Professor of Pathology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. He obtained his PhD and MD from the University of Chicago, and did a fellowship in lung pathology with Charles Carrington at Stanford University. His laboratory has long focused on the effects of occupational and environmental agents on the lung. In addition he has major interests in the diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma and interstitial lung disease.

For many years he studied the relationship between asbestos fiber burden and disease, and the interactions of exogenous oxidants and particles in the lung. His current basic research efforts are devoted to chronic obstructive lung disease and encompass two areas:

  1. the factors that control small airway remodeling, both that induced by cigarette smoke and that induced by air pollution particles and occupationally encountered dusts;
  2. models of cigarette smoke-induced emphysema in laboratory animals.

In the diagnostic arena, he is the senior author of the 4th Series Fascicle: Tumors of the Serosal Membranes, senior editor of Thurlbeck’s Pathology of the Lung, 3rd Edition, and has published extensively in various areas of diagnostic lung pathology. He is the course director for two CME courses sponsored by the American Society for Clinical Pathology:  Update in Pulmonary Pathology, and Update in Surgical Pathology.

Academic background

  • AB, Columbia University, NY, Chemistry. 1967
  • PhD, University of Chicago, Pathology. 1971
  • MD, University of Chicago, Medicine. 1973
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Pulmonary Pathology, Stanford University. 1977-1978
  • Internship and Residency, Pathology, University of Chicago. 1973-1977


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Research Interest

  • Pathology of occupational lung disease: diagnosis and mechanisms
  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary disease