Neuropathology is the subspecialty of pathology concerned with the diagnosis and study of diseases of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and skeletal muscle.

General Objectives

On completion of the training program, the resident will be a competent neuropathologist, who will act as an effective consultant to neurologists, neurosurgeons and other physicians concerning diseases of the nervous system and muscle.

UBC Residency Training Program in Neuropathology

The program is a 5-year program and includes an initial PGY-1 year which is a clinical year with rotations through various clinical services. The second year is a year in anatomic pathology, when the resident obtains a solid grounding in basic disease reactions and systemic diseases. The next two years are in neuropathology, which comprises 18 months in adult neuropathology (at Vancouver General Hospital) and 6 months in paediatric neuropathology (at BC Children’s Hospital). The fifth year is an elective year which may be spent in further training in neuropathology, a related clinical discipline, or in research. There is some flexibility as to the sequence of the training years during the five year period, except the general clinical year which is done during the first year.

Subsequent Challenges and Opportunities

There are presently several positions in neuropathology in Canada, which are not filled. The duties of a neuropathologist involve interpretation and clinical correlation of biopsies from the nervous system, peripheral nerve biopsies, and muscle biopsies, as well as examination and clinical correlation of the nervous system at autopsy. Most neuropathologists are involved in research and teaching, have academic appointments at a university, and are located at a tertiary care centre. At UBC our research interests include the blood-brain barrier, neurodegenerative diseases, brain tumours, neuromuscular disorders and demyelinating diseases.

Contact Information

Program Director:
Ian Mackenzie, MD, LMCC, FRCPC
Neuropathology Program Director
Neuropathologist – Vancouver General Hospital
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
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Program Administrative Contact:
Shelley Berkow
Post-Graduate Residency Program Manager
Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Program Assistant
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