Medical Biochemistry



Medical Biochemistry is that branch of medicine concerned with the biochemistry and metabolism of human health and disease. The medical biochemist is trained in the operation and management of clinical biochemistry laboratories, and acts as a consultant in all aspects of their use. The medical biochemist directs clinical laboratories, consults, diagnoses and treats patients with a variety of metabolic disorders and biochemical abnormalities.

Objectives of Training

On completion of the educational program, the graduate physician will be able assume the role of consultant in medical biochemistry. The resident must develop comprehensive knowledge and skills in laboratory medicine related to medical biochemistry and to be able to act as a clinical consultant in its application.

Medical biochemistry is a technology driven specialty that will change dramatically as technology advances. To be successful in such a specialty requires the ability to be a life long learner. As such, much of the residency program is devoted to encouraging and evaluating self-directed learning opportunities. Furthermore, a changing field of practice affords opportunity to research alternative methodologies and approaches to medical biochemistry. To facilitate such research, training in problem solving, formulation of hypotheses, and critical appraisal of data are integral parts of the medical biochemistry training program.

Current and Future Role of Medical Biochemists

The practice of medical biochemistry is largely limited to tertiary care centres where medical biochemists practice in tandem with PhD scientists. The future role of medical biochemists in Canada is under discussion at a national level. Our aim is to emphasize clinical training in the medical biochemistry program so that medical biochemists have a well-defined role in clinical medicine as well as in laboratory practice.

Contact Information

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Program Administrative Contact:

Shelley Berkow
Post-Graduate Residency Program Manager
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