Our Alumni

Xinya Wang, 2015
Xinya is currently a first year law student at University of Ottawa.

1. Today in healthcare it’s important to…
Be empathetic! It’s so important (in healthcare and law) not to disregard or trivialize our individual experiences.  (more…)

Saaranga Sasitharan, 2014
Saaranga is currently completing her MHA at UBC.

1. Today in healthcare it’s important to…
Remain innovative. It’s also important to be collaborative and be open to different perspectives. (more…)

Nazgol Seyednejad, 2007
Nazgol is currently a resident physician specializing in General Surgery.

Nazgol’s general interest in physiology and pathology initially drew her to the program. ‘I was very interested in the program as it focused on the pathology of disease processes, through a comprehension of human biology and physiology.’ (more…)